Environmentally-friendly bio lubricants

As seen on dragons den

Penetrates & loosens rusted parts

Cleans & degreases

lubricates moving parts

Protects against wear & corrosion

Safe, Non-Toxic & Biodegradable

STUFFF for every situation

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    Shop STUFFF

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  • Gun & Tool STUFFF

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Field tested, user approved. The STUFFF works!

  • Mark Laurie

    I picked up can to try on my farm equipment, Ive used a lot of lubricants in the past on my chains and gears AND NOTHING compares to this STUFF! It saves my chains better that anything I have used in the past. I spray it on everything now WONT collect dirt and sticks. Another bonus is its safe to used on everything we have on our farm

  • jacobbeaton (verified owner)

    We use a LOT of shop Stufff on our farm and love it! Smells so great compared to the usual spray oils, and love that it is made here in Canada. We use it on all our tractors and attachments.

  • Darrell Barton

    Our entire semi trailer/truck shop now uses Stufff and the techs find it great! Works better than anything else we ever had before, and little goes a long ways too!

Are biolubricants safe?

Yes! Safe to you, animals, and the environment.

Bio-lubricants such as ours have many inherent qualities which provide natural advantages over mineral based lubricants. As bio-lubricants are derived from renewable resources, their use avoids the upstream pollution associated with petroleum extraction and refining. With numerous environmental disasters arising from spillage of mineral oils, the natural characteristics of bio-lubricants like degradability, low toxicity, not harming aquatic based organisms and surrounding vegetation become particularly attractive.

Bio-lubricants are ideally suited for applications where worker exposure is likely or contamination with the environment is inevitable.

More questions?

Learn more about STUFFF and its characteristics by browsing our Frequently Asked Questions.