Environmentally-friendly ice release agent.



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Fast-acting and consistent ice release agent. Performs great in wet and damp environments. When applied to dry surfaces Ice Stuff ice release agent will prevent material from sticking. In trucks that haul wood chips it means the load will slide out like it’s suppose to. On solar panels it means the snow and ice will slide right off. The added bonus is that Ice STUFFF is prevent corrosion helping to make those expensive solar panels and trailers outlast their regular expected service range.

Just think, no more manual labor shoveling out those trailers, getting paid for a “Full” load delivered and not just 90% of it because the other 10% did come out of the trailer. Or how about trying to get rid of all the rotting chips in the spring that have been piling up behind the shop.

How about crushing operations, Ice STUFFF prevents the hoppers from freezing up and plugging the flow of material. Many man hours there chipping away at frozen sand and gravel.

Anywhere that you have issue with material freezing and preventing productivity Ice STUFFF can help. Salt Shakers, dump trucks, chip trailers, garbage trucks, rock crushers, solar panels, etc.

Please, when you discover a new way to use Ice STUFFF, please let us know. We’re always interested in knowing how our customers are benefiting from products.

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