Asphalt STUFFF

Asphalt STUFFF


Environmentally-friendly asphalt release agent


Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Release Agent

Simply spray a light coating on the area you don't want asphalt material to stick to.

  • No evaporation
  • Protects equipment
  • Neutral odor
  • Flash Point: 166°C (331°F)
  • Safe for workers, soil, plants, insects, wildlife

Made from Canola oil, Asphalt STUFFF is a clean, non-toxic and biodegradable lubricant that exceeds tough government regulations. This agent stops asphalt from sticking to haul truck boxes & beds, loaders, rollers, patching machines, etc., without breaking down oils in your material. By using Asphalt STUFFF you will significantly reduce your impact on the environment and offer your workers safety advantages..


You will save money! As bio-lubricants naturally out-perform petroleum products, less is required per application. You will have significant reductions in environmental and safety penalties (leaks & spills), and notice less wear on parts, maintenance costs, storage and disposal fees.


Printable PDF product information sheet - Here


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