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Powerful industrial strength penetrant and extreme lubricant—both safe & non-toxic.



Powerful industrial strength penetrant, extreme lubricant—both non-toxic & environmentally-friendly.


Is a high performance penetrating oil, lubricant & moisture dispersant. Environmentally friendly products don’t usually get labelled “High Performance” but Shop STUFFF is just that. This all natural formulation of Canola oil methyl ester and citric acid makes this one of the most powerful penetrants on the market. Shop STUFFF is derived from 100% Canadian Canola oil and formulated with no petroleum ingredients in order to produce a product that does NOT contain the typical carcinogens that competitive, petroleum based lubricants do. If you are typically covered from finger tips to elbows in shop fluids all day why not make it a fluid that is as safe as the salad you eat at dinner. Most important, it works as good, if not better than it’s petroleum based counterparts.

The Canola Advantage!
Canola oil has superior lubricity, it’s better at being slippery than petroleum oils, which has no lubricity when it comes out of the ground. It gets its oily characteristics from chemical additives.

The canola alternative has other benefits too. It’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely renewable and it has a very high flashpoint making it virtually non-flammable in its liquid state. Muffler shops love it because they can throw the torch on nuts and bolts that have Shop STUFFFtm on them without getting a big flare up like they do from petroleum base products.

Shop STUFFFtm for Cleaning
When used as a cleaning agent Shop STUFFFtm is effective at removing rust, grease, water, other oils, dirt and most contaminants. Shop STUFFFtm is a superior solvent making it a truly multi-purpose lubricant.

Corrosion Prevention
Shop STUFFFtm also provides long lasting corrosion protection on untreated metal surfaces.

Low Odour
Shop STUFFF with its slight citrus aroma makes it much nicer to work with than many other products on the market.

For use on any metal application where tough to turn, seized and rusty metal is making your work a challenge.

Will clean and remove rust, oil, grease, gun powder residue, paint, exhaust soot, dirt, etc.

Additional information

Weight 9.6 kg
Dimensions 42 × 22 × 27 cm
Case Size

12 cans, 2 cans, 24 cans

12 reviews for Shop STUFFF

  1. Drew Bailey

    Being a racer, I need all suspension parts to move freely all the time, I use Stufff every week to keep everything moving flawlessly. I also use it on wash day to get rid of caked on grease and oil. There’s too many uses for it to list!

  2. Fred Tilson

    I can’t believe how good Stufff is. I had a jack on my trailer that was so solid that I bought a new one because I sprayed everything on it and nothing worked. I sprayed Stufff on it, let it sit ‘til the next day and I couldn’t believe that it was working. I was so surprised that it moved, let alone worked. I am a firm believer in Stufff, it is awesome.

  3. K. O’Brien

    I work in the automotive sector, your product works great. Good work people!

  4. Debbie LaRocque

    Had a few squeaky doors in the house… Stufff took the squeak out immediately.

  5. Jake Stubbe

    Yesterday while tarring a chimney I accidentally got tar on my arm!! Well as tar is, it found its way to my good jeans. Came home and sprayed STUFFF on my arm the tar came off with no ill effects, no mess. So what to do for the jeans?? Spray STUFFF on them and soak in wash machine !!! Still good jeans. I LOVE STUFFF …….. THANKS BILL

  6. Pat Garside

    A buddy dropped off an old 12 hp Sea horse outboard motor that was seized, wondered if I could take a look at it for him or if I knew someone that could. I have a friend that is a pretty good small engine

    guy that I was going to take the motor to. While it was sitting here I thought I would try to unseize it. I took the plugs out and sprayed some Shop STUFFF, put the plugs back in and let it sit a day. A few days later I tried it and to my surprise the motor turned over. Another pull and it fired on the STUFFF. Very pleased with this product would definitely recommend it to others.

  7. Bob Tulloch

    I was trying to get permanent marker writings off a table top last week and was having no luck using a variety of cleaning products. A friend suggested trying Stufff, which she had in her truck. I sprayed the spot where the markings were and within seconds I was wiping away the so-called permanent marker stains!! Once again Stufff Lubricants Inc. came to the rescue!!

  8. Shirley Hawdon

    I won a can of Stufff at our local tractor trot on July 1 this year. I used it right away on my trailer crank that was stiff. It worked great!

    I work at the local hardware store here, and not long ago, someone had come into the store with something on his boot that I could not get off, just washing the floor, and trying other cleaning products. A co-worker walking by, said want to try Stufff? He said the mechanics use it to clean parts etc in the shop. I said ok let’s try it. I sprayed it on the floor, let it sit for a few seconds, and it started wiping right off! Amazing!

    I also used it on an adjustable wrench a couple weeks ago, that hadn’t been used in 12 years! As you can imagine, it was stuck in the position it was in! I keep my can of Stufff in my truck, so I tried it on the wrench. As I got a paper towel to wipe the run of Stufff on the wrench, it started to move!! Wow, that was fast!! This Stufff works on things you didn’t even know possible! Awesome, amazing Stufff!

    Thank you Bill! Good luck tonight! I think your future is going to get extremely busy! ❤️

  9. Jake

    Good product, but too expensive. Also, why are you selling it in 19 liter or 5 US gallon pail?
    That is deceiving, people think they are getting 22.7 liter pail when you say ‘5 gallon’ pail.
    After all, you are in Canada!
    Sharpen your pencil on the prices and your sales will double.

    • Bill Betournay

      Hello Jake
      Thank you for your inquiry. We have our products priced just under their petroleum counterpart in the same market space. For example, WD-40 specialist sells for anywhere from 14 to 18 depending on the store. You may find it a little less in some places or even a little more in others. Another petroleum counterparts would be Krown penetrant ($14.95). There is also Fluid Film and Break Thru. There are several on the market but none are safe and non-toxic.
      As for the pails, we buy our heavy duty pails from Uline. 19L or 5 US Gallons is the most economical size for our application. Anyone looking for the volume in Gallons is going to likely be American so it works.
      We appreciate your feedback. Thanks again and have a nice evening.

  10. Rob Shmyr (verified owner)

    Here are my two experiences with the Stufff in the past week:
    1. We have an older 16 foot flatbed car hauler that has seen its share of Saskatchewan road salt, and gravel roads, and has many miles on it. One particularly cold night -20 Celsius, I could not get the latch that secures the trailer to the ball on the receiver. The latch would not move. I first grabbed a 3’ long 2 x 10 board that was sitting close to me and tried to persuade it….to no avail. I then went to the shop and got a large hammer and a punch to try and break it free……to no avail. I once again return to the shop for a can of stufff. Sprayed it and came back a half hour later and the latch was moving like it did when the trailer was new. Amazing.
    2. Couple days later our 16 year old bought him a 2007 1/2 ton. He told me the drivers side door key lock wouldn’t move. I tried both his set of keys….. to no avail. We took the red straw that comes with the can of stufff, inserted it into the lock. Sprayed some stuff. 5 seconds later stuck the key back in the door and the lock opened perfectly. The look on both our faces were shocked.

  11. Derek Berry

    Recently had a can of Stufff donated to my shop from a local distributor to try it out. Let me say that this stuff works incredibly well. From seized turbo bolts to belt dressing, we will be looking forward to saving time, money, and knuckles thanks to Stufff! Thank you Harold Peters for introducing my shop to Stufff!

    • Bill Betournay

      Thanks for your comments Derek. We’re glad you’re liking Shop STUFFF.

  12. Allan Johnston

    I have used “STUFFF” around my farm yard this spring on many different applications and found it to be an incredible product. On Pump handles, irrigation sprinklers, hydraulic links, reclining chairs, over head doors, etc.

    Far superior to any product I have used before.

    Allan Johnston
    Welwyn, SK, Canada

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