How much product do I need to use?

Not much. A little goes a long way so USE IT sparingly and apply more if you need to.

Can I use Shop STUFFF to oil my sewing machine?

No. We recommend using STUFFF Gun Oil as it is formulated for smaller precision parts.

Is Shop STUFFF safe to use in my home?

Yes. Shop STUFFF is created using a renewable natural oil and it isn’t filled with toxic chemicals. USE IT where you need it and clean up with soap and water.

I work in an automotive shop and often use a torch on rusted parts. Will Shop STUFFF cause a flare-up?

No. Shop STUFFF has an extremely high flash point of 166 degrees Celsius/331 degrees Fahrenheit). Under normal use it will not flare up.

Can I clean with Shop STUFFF?

Yes. The unique (natural) chemical structure of our product allows it to act as a solvent. USE IT to clean crayon off walls and tables, pet rubbings off corners, gunk out of window tracks, overspray paint, bugs/tar off cars, scuff marks, etc.

Will Shop STUFFF remove adhesives?

Yes. Shop STUFFF is an amazing natural solvent and it quickly breaks down glues, adhesives and sap. USE IT to remove window stickers, bumper stickers, tar, tape, sap, etc.