Our mission is to motivate and encourage industry to reduce their use of petroleum products.

STUFFF™ Lubricants Inc. is aware of the economic concerns and environmental issues created by the petroleum industry, and the need to accept our obligations and contribute to the preservation of natural resources and ecosystems. We are also acutely aware of the lack of viable alternatives to petroleum-based and synthetic products, and in response we have developed a line of environmentally friendly lubricants, penetrants and release agents.

Our products are formulated using a renewable base stock of waste cooking oil. They are natural, non-polluting, non-toxic and readily biodegradable making them perfect for industrial sectors where workers are regularly exposed to toxic petroleum-based chemicals. All of our products are industrial strength but completely safe for home use.

They are ideal for applications where there is a risk of oil being lost directly in the environment during use, especially in sensitive areas like aquatic, mountain, agricultural, and forest environments. In the case of a spill, STUFFF™ Lubricants products require less remediation and create less damage.

The environmental advantage of using STUFFF™ Lubricants is the biodegradability of the exhaust and leakage. Our products can almost completely degrade in the first month after use, whereas petroleum and synthetic lubricants can take over 100 years to minimally degrade, thus creating an environmental liability.

They provide a viable solution for industry to reduce the negative impacts of spills and leaks, protect ecosystems, clean-up work sites, and save money. Companies notice a significant reduction in costs associated with equipment maintenance and replacement, labour, health & safety, storage, disposal and remediation. They also notice a reduction in the amount of product required as they will use less each application.

STUFFF™ penetrating and lubricating oils work as well as or better than conventional petroleum lubricants without the addition of highly toxic chemicals to enhance their performance. The unique chemical structure of our bio-base allows it to penetrate into tight crevices, act as a solvent to clean out rust and other debris, lubricate to reduce friction and heat, and protect metal surfaces from wear and corrosion. Energy savings can be quickly realized due to the superior lubricity which is especially true in high-temperature applications. The higher viscosity allows for stability over a wide range of temperatures, and the high flash point offers greatly reduced fire hazards in many applications.

Overall, our products offer improved processing efficiencies, outstanding technical performance and enhanced safety for workers and the environment.

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